Sage Additions
  • Contact: Torben Halvorsen
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 02071 352007
  • Coverage: United Kingdom & Ireland

PaperLess Document Management For Sage

PaperLess software is becoming the preferred choice of Sage users to Automate Document Management Processes and Invoice Processing routines by bringing together Automatic Invoice Recognition, Automatic Matching & Closing of Purchase Orders, Online Invoice Approval and Full Automation of Emailed Invoices.

With PaperLess, documents remain secure within your organisation, invoices requiring approval are distributed in a process that is set by you and document lookups can be done straight from Sage allowing you to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

  • Automatic Invoice Recognition – Reduce time spent on manual data input and increase data accuracy levels with PaperLess OCR Software for Sage.
  • Automatic Matching & Closing of Purchase Orders – No more time spent on manually checking if invoice amount matches the purchase order, PaperLess for Sage does it automatically for you.
  • Automatic attach of Documents to Sage accounting lines – Get all information automatically organised and easily accessible by having it linked directly to Sage.
  • Live Document Lookup – Retrieve all accounting documents via a simple live lookup directly from within Sage.
  • Online Invoice Approval – Automate document flow based on Supplier, Department, Project and/or Cost Unit Responsible.
  • Full Automation of Emailed Invoices – Get all invoices received via email automatically processed and posted into Sage, including Automatic Matching and Closing of Purchase Orders.
  • Seamless Integration with Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud – Besides being a Sage Platinum Developer Partner, PaperLess is also a Sage certified solution for both Sage 50 and Sage 200.

From £69 + VAT per year

Free trial available

Business Performance Management and Financial Forecasting Software

  • Contact: Kalvin Shelley-Atkinson
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 0191 500 6168
  • Coverage: International


Financial Forecasting and Performance Management.

  • A strategic business planning and financial forecasting model focussed on the fundamental business drivers.
  • Built-in AI engine helps ProForecast to correct errors and simplifies financial forecasting for you.
  • Step Change© functionality enables the infinite flexing of every income and expenditure line, either manually or systematically.
  • ProForecast is a business model specific software that can account for various types of loans, mortgages, asset finance, capital structures that are only applicable to your business!
  • Sensitivity analysis, scenario planning and what if analysis can be used so analysis can be used so that each revenue and cost model.

Ranges from £25 a month to £300 a month depending on the requirements.

  • ProForecast Small Enterprise: £25 monthly
  • ProForecast Medium Enterprise: £45 monthly
  • ProForecast Full Suite: £60 monthly
  • Multi Advisor ProForecast: £60 monthly
  • Large Enterprise ProForecast: £300 monthly
  • ProForecast Consultant Package: £264 monthly

Every ProForecast user will have their own named account manager, who will provide them with a personalised support service. The level of support each user gets depends on their chosen service package.

Free trial available

  • Contact: Zech George
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 0844 542 0888
  • Coverage: United Kingdom & Global

Afinitis Intelligence – Essential Opportunity Reviews and Dashboards & Afinitis Intelligence – Ultimate

Afinitis Intelligence provides a fully automatic service to show you what’s happening across your business and gives you Essential Opportunity Reviews and Dashboards, guiding you to the best way to improve results – easily.

Business Intelligence has been used by big companies for years; they drive efficiency, competitive advantage and their overall strategy with the insights they get. Software has been developed to help the SME sector, so called analysis ‘toolkits’, but it a complex route to take – and time consuming.

We have automated the entire service so you get focused Essential Opportunity Reviews and Dashboards that point to where you can drive your business to get more – easily. Think of it as a navigation system for the business – would you travel across a big city without the navigation system in your car? Few of us would anymore, the advantages and reduction of stress means we all use them these days and they are pretty well standard in every car.

Afinitis intelligence is like a navigation system for your business. You probably know you could do more if you had the time to look and examine all the supply chains – the stock profiles, pricing, sales, distribution and what is happening, or not, across all of your customers. We give you exactly that – updated every day – by a fully automatic service. You chose what level you want, Essential Opportunity Reviews and Dashboards, split by business area, and the full Ultimate system. Let us show you how we can help with a no obligation demonstration.

  • We run over 100 million highly complex calculations using your data every night to break down all the information you collect, one way or another as a result of the work you do, and transform that raw information into highly precise Essential Opportunity Reviews and Dashboards. These show all the vital signs of your living and breathing business or, if you wish, you can have an amazing 2,500 screens of deep detail online on your desk or laptop so you can move through the colour coded screens and be up-to-date with your business, in a way that previously has just not been possible.
  • Afinitis Intelligence means you can understand precisely what’s going on; you can see our totally unique customer, sales and supplier trends of what is happening. The rolling two-year views of behaviours give you so much more perspective than a single Excel sheet or report. We guide you to think about the consequences – about what to do, what to change, what to do more of, what to stop. We highlight what’s been so hard to see in detail; what’s working, what’s not going so well and where money is tied up in your business doing nothing!
  • Afinitis Intelligence is like having an expert analysist, a programmer and an extra senior, very experienced, manager on your team all at one time – but without the cost or hassle. You can use Afinitis Intelligence yourself as a decision maker, or you can choose which parts of Afinitis you want to make available to key staff so they can stop wasting time and focus on what’s really important.

There are a range of insights available with costs ranging between £75 and £500 per month + VAT, depending on the scale of the business and the number of Reviews and Dashboards you require. At any level, the cost is way below the cost of extra staff or many hours of work.

Yes, we will run a free demonstration for you. We can show you the incredible value without any commitment on your part. We can step you through a demonstration either face to face or by a Skype call and in less than an hour you will see the difference Afinitis Intelligence can make to your business. Please call us to arrange your own confidential demonstration.

Market, Maintain, Care for and Manage… with Decorus for Sage

  • Contact: Paul Oxley / Nicola Collins
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 01142307305
  • Coverage: United Kingdom

Decorus for Sage

Decorus for Sage is a property management software, developed to be a user friendly, adaptable and highly beneficial solution for your business. Used by landlords, letting agents and property managers across many sectors, the Decorus for Sage team have gained a great reputation within the industry.

Built with over 25 years’ experience, our solution is highly sophisticated and targets the frustrations of property businesses, helping users minimise costs and maximise productivity.

Decorus for Sage is feature rich, including a well thought out CRM system paired with marketing and maintenance tools all backed by a powerful accounts solution. It’s real-time integration with Sage 50cloud will help you reduce your workload with its many benefits such as budgets and forecasting, rent collection and automated invoicing as well as abiding by the new Making Tax Digital legislation.

Year-on-year the property industry is faced with more challenges, so it is important to have the right tools. Decorus streamlines the workflow of admin tasks, allowing users to focus on areas such as customer service and business development whilst its automated capabilities consolidate processes, improve relations, collect rent and reduce bad debt.

Like Sage 50cloud, Decorus for Sage is a desktop solution that can be hosted in the Cloud or On-Premise, giving users flexibility in the way they work.

Decorus for Sage is proud to be the only property management software with a true two-way integration with Sage 50cloud.

  • CRM – Capable, Data driven and connected. Manage your portfolio with ease using Decorus’ reports and dashboards, customizable layouts and Views and integrated email and SMS functionality
  • Financials – Property Management accounts has never been better - Seamless, two-way integration with Sage 50c caters to all your financial needs
  • Maintenance – Keep your properties fit for market – Track work orders and projects and view their status at a glance.
  • Marketing – 1-Click to upload your properties to online portals such as Zoopla and On the Market or your own website. Print window cards for a more physical presence
  • Customer Web Portal (MyOnline.Properties) – Allows tenants, Landlords, Contractors and Users to View documents and financials, even log jobs on the go. Works on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Customisable Workflow – get your processes in order using Decorus’ event triggered workflow.
  • Stay up to date with the latest legislation
  • Quick and Easy Rent Collection
  • Reduce Accountancy fees
  • Real-time data reporting
  • Integrates with Outlook
  • Integrates with your accounts
  • Automates your processes

Starting from £95 per month.

Yes – 7 day trial with a guided tour of the software when starting up.

  • Contact: Ben Murray
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 03300 245452
  • Coverage: National

PSS 200

PSS 200 is a GS1 compliant barcoding stock control and warehouse management solution that integrates seamlessly into Sage 200c to create a fully integrated barcode inventory system.

Using Sage at its core, PSS 200 extends and enhances the functionality of Sage to provide a seamless integration with barcode scanning technology offering a feature rich, efficient and easy to use stock management solution.

PSS 200 provides you with a solution to quickly capture stock transactions in real time, with automatic updates and entries into Sage to drive efficiency and performance. PSS 200 eliminates the duplication of tasks, increase accuracy and validates data in real time with Sage to reduce human errors. PSS 200 will not only provide you with an efficient data capture tool but the expertise to turn your investment in Sage into a fully integrated inventory management solution.

  • Order processing
  • Goods In / Out
  • Stock Transfers
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Barcodes
  • Stock Taking
  • GS1 Compliant

PSS 200 software from £3,995 upfront cost and £895 a year. And customer service available.

Financial Control for Online Retailers

  • Contact: Customer Services
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 0191 257 4707
  • Coverage: United Kingdom

Tradebox One

Tradebox One enables online retailers to manage their orders and co-ordinate stock levels across eBay, Amazon and ecommerce webstores from a single solution and automate their data entry into Sage 50 Accounts.

  • Integrates Sage 50 with eBay, Amazon & webstores
  • Automatically accounts for online sales in Sage 50
  • Removes Sage 50 data entry burden
  • Creates invoices and customers in Sage 50
  • Manage multi-channel orders in one screen
  • Mark orders as dispatched in one screen
  • Upload stock levels automatically across channels
  • Calculate VAT automatically
  • Handles cross border VAT calculations
  • Saves time and money

From £600 + VAT per year

Free trial available