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Splash screen hangs - Software will not open.

Sage Practice Solution (SPS) either hangs on the splash screen, or the splash screen will disappear, either issue will result in SPS not opening. Checking the processes in task manager will show an entry for Application.SmartClient.exe for each attempt you tried to open the software.


Potentially an issue with the Sage Accounts Production (SAP) cache. If you do not use Client Integration, contact Sage software support for further assistance.

To resolve

  1. Open Task Manager > Processes > Right-click any application.smartclient.exe > End Process
  2. Open Sage Accounts Production

If SAP fails to open or hangs on the splash screen.

  1. Open Task Manager > Processes > Right-click any Apex.ads > End Process
  2. Try to open SAP again
  3. If SAP will not open contact support for further assistance

If the SAP issues are resolved or SAP opens successfully, close down and open SPS again.

If the problem persists contact software support for further assistance.