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Error: 'Failed to update file' when installing an update


When you try to install any update for Sage Accounts, the following message may appear:

'Failed to update file (path to specific file). Do you wish to continue with the update?'
If any other Sage software is in use, this must be closed before attempting this routine. If you use Sage Practice Solution you should refer to article 28400.

This message appears when the specified file can't be updated. There are several reasons that this may happen, including:

  • The file is currently in use by other software.
  • The path to the specified file does not exist.
  • Restricted access to the file.
  • A corrupt company file.

To resolve this try the following:

  1. Click No to the message and restart your computer.
  2. Close all other software and install the update again.
    If you were installing the update as an automatic update from within the software, open Sage Accounts > Help > Check for Updates > follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update again.

If the problem persists, click Next.