Corporation tax

Corporation tax is tax on limited company profit, paid to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Sage Accounts includes a Taxation area in the Chart of Accounts. You can use this to show your corporation tax as an expense on the profit and loss report after the net profit calculates.

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Create the corporation tax nominal codes

If you don't already have corporation tax nominal codes, you must create them before proceeding. If you use the default nominal codes, we suggest you use the following:

Nominal code Name Management report Report section
2110 Corporation tax liability Balance Sheet Current Liabilities
9001 Corporation tax Profit and Loss Taxation
  1. Click Nominal codes then click New.
  2. Complete the Nominal Record as follows:
    N/C Enter the nominal code number you want to create, for example, 2110.

    If you are unsure of the nominal codes to use, please refer to the table above.
    Name Enter the name of the account, for example, Corporation tax liability.
  3. Click Save then click Close.

Continue to the next section to ensure the nominal codes are included in the chart of accounts so they appear in the correct areas of your management reports.

Add corporation tax to your chart of accounts

Once the corporation tax nominal codes are set up you must add them to the chart of accounts.

  1. Click Nominal codes then click Chart of accounts.
  2. Select the required chart of accounts then click Edit.
  3. Click the Profit & Loss tab and click Taxation.
  4. Under the Taxation column, enter a description, for example Corporation Tax.
  5. In the Low and High columns, enter 9001.
  6. Click the Balance Sheet tab and click Current Liabilities.
  7. Check that nominal code 2110 is within a Current Liability range.
  8. If required, add a range to include 2110.
  9. Click Save then click Close.

Record corporation tax

In this example corporation tax of £/€5000 is to be recorded.

  1. Click Nominal codes then click Journal entry.
  2. Enter a reference and the date for the journal, then enter the relevant details to record the corporation tax. Date the journal with the last day of the financial year to which the corporation tax relates.

    For example:
    N/C Name Details T/C Debit Credit
    9001 Corporation tax Corporation tax T9 5000.00  
    2110 Corporation tax liability Corporation tax T9   5000.00
    The balance must equal zero before the journal can be saved.
  3. Click Save then click Close.

Pay the corporation tax

  1. Click Bank accounts then click Bank payment.
  2. Enter the details of your bank payment in the boxes provided. Using our example above, you're paying corporation tax of £/€5000 to HMRC.
    Bank Date N/C Details Net T/C Tax
    1200 Payment date 2110 Payment of corporation tax 5000.00 T9 0.00
  3. Click Save then click Close.