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TASBooks - Cash flow forecasting

A cash flow forecast is an estimation of how much cash the business will have, or need at any point during a chosen period. It acts as a guide, allowing you to plan ahead and prepare for the future.

What is a cash flow forecast

To help you determine when an invoice will be paid, you can use the default payment days entry on your customer and supplier records.

Using this information, you can forecast the money coming in and out of your business for any given period and the difference between the two.

When running a cash flow forecast, you might also want to include additional information which isn't currently held in TASBooks. Even though you may not be ready to enter the actual transactions into TASBooks, you can include the expected values in your projected forecast, to give you a realistic picture of the cash available to your business.

To run a cash flow forecast

  1. From the main toolbar, click the Cash Flow.
  2. Enter the start date and end date for the forecast.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Select the check-boxes for the information you want to include.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Calculate.


When you click the Breakdown tab, the following information appears for both your Cash flow in and Cash flow out.

Total Outstanding Total remaining balance of all invoices that have been raised for this supplier or customer.
Overdue Total remaining balance of all invoices that were due to be paid before the selected period.
Due Total remaining balance of all invoices and other transactions that are due to be paid during the selected period.
Due to Date Grand total of the amount overdue and amount due for the selected period.
To see how the values for each customer or supplier are made up > double-click the relevant entry.


To view, enter or edit cash flow adjustments click the Adjustments tab. Adjustments only affect the cash flow forecast and will not post any transactions in your TASBooks ledgers.