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TASBooks - Aged Debtors report

This report shows all the outstanding unallocated transactions for your customers and shows you the total amount of debt outstanding. The report displays either the details of each transaction or the total per customer in three columns depending on how old the outstanding transactions are.

You can also run this report retrospectively, which shows you the aged balances as they were on a particular date.

The following steps contain everything you need to print the Aged Debtor report in TASBooks.

To print an Aged Debtors report

  1. Sales > Sales Ledger Reports > Print Aged Debtors Report (option 242).
  2. Sort > select whether to list the report by customer code, customer group or by salesperson.
  3. Range > to select a different starting or ending point > select the relevant box > press F2 > double-click the relevant record.
  4. Print Type > select whether to show the details or the totals only on the report.
  5. Options > if applicable, select the following options:

    • Include Inactive Customers - Select this option to include customers marked as inactive.
    • Check Each Transaction - Select this option to check all transactions each customers account.
    • Include Zero Balances - Select this option to include customers with no outstanding transactions on the report.
    • Print Percentages - Select this option to display the total overdue for each aging period as a percentage.
    • Credit Stop if Overdue - Select this option to place the customer on credit stop if they have invoices outstanding for more than a given period.
    • Show VAT amount - Select this option to display the VAT element.

  6. Retrospective > Aged Debt Date > enter the date you want to show the aged balances up to.
  7. Note: To run the report retrospectively, you must set the current sales ledger date to today's date.

  8. Ageing Options > check the details are correct. Edit if required.
  9. Choose To Printer.
  10. Click Print.
  11. To close the Print Aged Debtors Report window > Cancel.