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TASBooks - To restore your data

Restoring is taking the data that you have previously backed up, and using it to overwrite your existing data files. For example, you might need to restore if you had a problem with your computer and your data has become corrupt, or if you've made errors processing, and need to go back to an earlier period to process correctly.

Note: Restoring a backup is a complete restoration of the company data to the way it was, at the time the backup was taken. This means that any changes you've made since the backup was taken are undone.

The following steps contain everything you need to restore your data in TASBooks.

  1. Ensure the company you want to restore is closed.
  2. From the TASBooks Company Manager window, select the company you want to restore.
  3. File > Restore.
  4. Backup file > Browse > browse to where your backup is stored > select the backup file > Open.
  5. Check the details of the restorable data is correct > Next.
  6. Choose files to restore > select one of the following options:

    • Restore all files.
    • Restore selected TAS files.

    Tip: If you have word templates or files in your document library that you've worked on recently, and don't want to restore these with earlier versions contained in your backup file > Restore selected TAS files. Then clear the Document Library and Word Templates check box. This means that only your TAS accounts data is restored from the backup file.

  7. To continue > Next.
  8. If the backup is password protected > enter the relevant password > Next.
  9. To confirm that you want to overwrite the existing company data with the information contained in the backup file, select the check box.
  10. Note: If you don't select this option, TASBooks creates a new company to hold the data on the backup. However, this can't be done if you only have a single company licence.

  11. Next > Restore > Close.