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TASBooks - Creating dynamic discounts

The dynamic discounts table can hold a unique discount rate for each customer and product combination.

Dynamic discounts are shown as a line discount on your sales orders and are in addition to any settlement discount that be given.

Enable Dynamic Discounts

  1. Click Central, then click General Company Information, then click TASBooks Configurations.
  2. Click Stock.
  3. Select the Allow discounts for specific customer and product combinations check box.
  4. Click OK, then click Yes.

Create Dynamic Discounts

  1. Click Stock, then click Produxts and Services, then click Maintain Dynamic Discounts.
  2. Click Customer Code, then click the required customer, then click Select.
  3. Click Product Code, then click the required product, then click Select.
  4. Enter the discount percentage you want to apply, then click Save.
  5. Click Yes, then click Cancel.
You've now successfully created a dynamic discount. The next time you enter a sales order for this customer purchasing the relevant product, this discount automatically applies.