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TASBooks - Stock forecasting

If your TASBooks licence includes Stock Control, the Stock Forecast report shows how long your current stock levels are likely to last based on the average sales over the past 12 months or 13 periods. This helps to identify both over-stocking and which product lines are slow moving. Having this information to hand will help you to maintain appropriate stock levels and save money.

  1. Click Stock, click Print Product Reports, then click Print Stock Forecast Report.
  2. Complete the criteria window:

    Sort Select whether you want to sort the report by product code or by group.
    Range Set the criteria for product codes and product groups.
    Show Stock Remaining In Choose whether you want to show stock levels lasting for weeks, or months.
    Show Products Select one of the following options:
    • Irrespective of Stock Remaining - Select this option if you want to show all stock items, no matter how much or how little stock is remaining.
    • Only when there is more than - Select this option if you only want to show stock that will last longer than your chosen timescale. In the weeks or months box, which changes according to the option you chose in step 4, select the period you want to apply.

    Include Items with Zero stock If you want to include items with zero stock, select the Include Items with Zero stock check box.
    Include discontinued stock items If you want to include discontinued stock, select the Include discontinued stock items check box.
  3. Choose a destination for the report, then click Print.
  4. Click Cancel.