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Welcome to the Accounts Data Repair Help website


This website helps you resolve any Errors, Warnings or Comments you receive when you run Check Data in Sage Accounts. We recommend you resolve Errors first, then Warnings and then Comments.

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Errors Warnings or Comments

Service levels

Before you arrange a data repair, we recommend you check our current service levels.

Note: It may take you less time to restore an error free backup and reprocess.

Check service levels now >

Restore a backup How do I upload my data for repair Upload my data for repair

How long will it take to repair my data?

The time it takes to repair your data depends on the service you choose.

For our current service levels and pricing information please click the Service levels tab.

Note: Whilst we endeavour to return your data within the current service level, the times are for guidance only and subject to change.


Can I restore a backup?

If you don't want to send your data in for repair, you can restore a backup of your data. You must ensure your data is error free after you restore it. We recommend you take a backup of your current data and then restore backups as far back as you can to find data which has no errors.
Read more about how to back up your data
Read more about how to restore your data


What happens when my data is repaired?

Once your data is repaired we'll email you the details of the repair.

If we remove any data we'll include full details on the email. This is so you can enter these transactions again, if required. Read more about how to enter the transactions again

Once you receive this email you can access the My uploads area of our website to download your fixed data and then restore this into your Sage Accounts software.

Note: If you are using Sage Accounts 2013 or above, before you restore your repaired data you must install the latest software updates. You can check for updates in Help > Check For Updates.


How do I check on the progress of my data repair?

You can check our current service levels on the Service levels tab. This also shows the oldest outstanding data set.

You can compare the time you uploaded your data against the oldest outstanding data set to estimate when your data will be available to download.


How do I create a Sage website login?

If you don't have a My Sage login, for information about how to create one, please refer to article 26607.

To minimise the risk of data corruption and the impact it has on your business you should do the following for each company data in Sage Accounts:

Check your data

Early detection of any errors in your data means that you can fix it with as little impact to your business as possible. Read more about how to check your data

Back up regularly

If you take regular backups of error free data you'll always have one to restore to if required.
Read more about how to back up your data
Read more about how to restore your data

Check for updates

As part of our commitment to continuously improve our software we regularly release updates, so make you're up to date. You can check for updates in:

  • Help > Check For Updates.

View our full list of version numbers and updates

If you've had corruption more than once

If your data regularly becomes corrupt there are a range of steps you can take to ensure you minimise the risk of this occurring again. Read more about how to avoid repeat corruption

Additional information for network users

If you run your software on a network it is known that you may experience performance issues when you use a variety of operating systems which can lead to corruption. View the steps to avoid this occurring