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Moving from another software package to Sage 200 Standard Online

Joining from QuickBooks?

If you're joining us from QuickBooks and have chosen one of the two QuickBooks migration options, a Sage technician will contact you to make arrangements to pick up a backup of your data. Once we have that, we'll do the rest. Remember, you can only migrate your records and opening balances from QuickBooks if you're using QuickBooks Pro or Quickbooks Premier desktop versions 2006-2014. Unfortunately, we cannot migrate data from QuickBooks Enterprise.

Joining us from another software package?

If you're joining Sage 200 Standard Online from another software package you will need to start using the program from scratch. Choose the 'Start afresh' option below which will take you through the steps to get up and running.

Start afresh

Start afresh

What to do next

Grab your login details

By now, your site should already have been created for you on our cloud hosting system and you should have your login details created too (this consists of an email address and password, known as your Sage ID). Ensure you have these to hand as you'll need them in the next step.

Download the app to your PC

Once you have your login details, you'll need to download the app to your PC - you'll use this every time you wish to open the software. Details of how to log in to our server (known as SEOS - Sage ERP Online Services) and download the app can be found in the Sage 200 Standard Online Help Centre.

Gather the required details about your company

There's some key company information that you'll need to have ready so you can fill in the relevant details. Don't worry, you can visit the Help Centre to find out exactly what you'll need.

Please note the following extremely important information which you need to be aware of before you complete the screen...

  • You will not be able to update your financial year start date once you leave the Configuration Assistant so please make sure you have the correct start month and year.
  • Make sure you're happy with the 'base currency' you'll use in the software. This can't be changed once you've started entering transactions in the software.
  • Do you use VAT inclusive or VAT exclusive pricing? Decide how you'll enter these in Sage 200 Standard Online as this setting can't be changed once you've entered a sales order, quote or pro forma.
Once you have all of the information required to hand, move to the next step below.


Open the Configuration Assistant

Now that you've got the app installed on your PC, you need to run it to launch the Configuration Assistant. This will help you to set up the software ready for day-to-day use.

  1. Double click on the Sage 200 Standard Online icon on your desktop.
  2. Enter your email address and password when prompted.
  3. Wait a few moments and the Configuration Assistant will appear on screen.

If the software opens completely without displaying the Configuration Assistant, this means that the Configuration Assistant has already been completed. Don't worry, if there are any settings you wish to check or change, most of these can be done at any time within the program, although some can only be changed before you've entered any transactions.

Complete the Configuration Assistant

Now that you've got all the required information, you can complete all 12 panels of the Configuration Assistant. You can complete these in any order you wish but you won't be able to access Sage 200 Standard Online until you've completed all 12 panels.

Before you start entering the details, you can watch a video of how to complete the Configuration Assistant in our Help Centre or you can follow the help files which will talk you through completing each panel step by step.

Once you've completed all sections, you can complete the wizard on the top right of the screen to access the software for the first time!

You're now ready to start entering your data. Whatever you need help with, you can access the Sage 200 Standard Online Help Centre at any time to get you on your way.

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