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Sage 200c Standard

Help that you can access from within your software

There's a wide range of support material already built into your software.

Most of the windows within the program have a help panel attached to the right-hand side. These will provide you with more information about the window in question and where necessary, offer advice on how to complete the relevant fields.

You can also access the Sage 200c Standard Help Centre directly from the program. To view this, open the area or window where you need help, then press F1. Where necessary, this also links you to any other support material and advice.

Develop your knowledge

Sage Training is a versatile and valuable service that enables you to use your Sage software to its full potential. Quality training benefits businesses by improving staff retention, morale, productivity and, of course, performance.

You can choose from:

  • Classroom-based training.
  • On-site visits to your business from Sage experts.

For more information and to book, please visit our UK or Ireland Sage Training site.

Support Contact Details

Our telephone support line is available between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). The service may need to close occasionally to allow for training and development sessions.
Detailed of planned line closures are listed below. Please note that in some cases, additional line closures may need to take place at short notice. News of such closures will always be made available via this page no later than 7 days prior to a change in service.

The Support team will be unavailable between 09:00 and 10:00 on the last Wednesday of every month. The dates of these closures are shown in the table below. Where the date does not fall on the last Wednesday of the month, this alteration is denoted with an asterisk.

25 January 22 February 29 March
26 April 24 May* 28 June
02 August 30 August 27 September
25 October 29 November 20 December*

Additional line closures

Every Wednesday we'll be running a further session with the support team between 9-9.15 at which time, lines will be closed. On the 20th of December, lines will also be closed from 10.00-10:30 for further training.  

Below are the opening times for the Sage 200 Support team over the festive period:
Christmas Day - Closed.
Boxing Day - Closed.
27th - Normal business hours: 9-5.
28th - Normal business hours: 9-5.
29th - Normal business hours: 9-5.
Monday 1st January - Closed.
Tuesday 2nd - Normal business hours: 9-5.