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Sage e-Banking

Sage e-Banking provides a whole new level of cash control for your business where your cash flow can be effectively managed.

With statement information you can:

  • Complete rapid bank reconciliation with your accounts software
  • Quickly highlight the transactions that have cleared and those that have not
  • Get a clear picture of funds available and more accurate cash flow control
  • Keep your accounts up to date by listing payments and receipts that have been banked but not entered into the accounts
  • Spot interest received, or bank charges incurred, and then make sure they are both recorded in the accounts
  • Pinpoint differences in accounting and banking records so possible errors are easily spotted

With electronic payments you can:

  • Control cash flow. When you initiate an automatic electronic payment, you know precisely which day it will be cleared from your account.  You then know what funds need to be in your account on that day to fund the payment
  • Pay accurately every time, and no re-keying of payments is necessary at all
  • Make faster payments. No need to write out cheques and post them: BACS payments are cleared in three days
  • Save money. Processing payments electronically is nearly always cheaper than the cheque method
  • Be secure. No need to have cash on premises, no lost or stolen cheques. Payments are cleared straight into your payee bank accounts at exactly the same time as the funds are drawn from yours with full traceability

For further information and to take advantage of the benefits Sage e-Banking has to offer you and your business, call us free on 0800 33 66 33.